• The Brand

    The Brand

    Camps & Camps is a Dutch designer jewellery brand. Each season a collection is designed that dovetails perfectly with the fashions of that season.

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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning

    Camps & Camps was established in 1997 by the sisters Ine and Monique Camps. They learned their trade from their parents who established a bijoux wholesaling studio in the sixties.

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  • The Heritage

    The Heritage

    Camps & Camps bijoux are inextricably linked to fashion, a custom dating back to the 17th century and the court of Louis XIV.

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  • The Belief

    The Belief

    Camps & Camps believes in the value of a beautiful and refined product that has been made with care. Craftsmanship is a high priority for Camps & Camps.

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  • The Making

    The Making

    Camps & Camps jewellery is designed by Monique Camps and are subsequently assembled by hand in the studio in the Netherlands.

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