• Resin


    In addition to refined variations in precious metals, Camps & Camps uses resins in carefully selected and hand-mixed colours. The exclusive and extremely intricate resin has an elegant lustre and luxurious appearance, explaining its popularity with many European fashion houses. As fragile and delicate as porcelain, resin jewellery deserves to be worn with care.

  • Be Different

    Be Different

    To make a set of earrings exceptional, Camps & Camps has designed left and right earrings as mirror images of each other. The earrings are different, but form a symmetrical unity when combined.

  • Bangles


    Understated luxury… The Camps & Camps bangles are exceptional in their apparent simplicity. Luxury, self-confident and stylish. The modest but strong shapes and comfort for wearers make the bangles one of the highlights of the collection. These bracelets come in several beautiful shades.

  • Bright and Shiny

    Bright and Shiny

    Swarovski, need we say more... Camps & Camps uses many of the wonderfully coloured facetted crystals from Swarovski. Furthermore  Camps & Camps also uses facetted glass stones that are made in the seasonal colours. These intriguing stones, made from Bohemian glass, are handmade giving each stone a unique look.

  • Dormeuses


    Camps & Camps is familiar with the rich European tradition of jewellery, a romantic past from which the famous Camps & Camps dormeuses originate. These elegant, lovely dangling earrings are lent their name by the French term dormir, which means sleeping. Dormeuses have an extremely refined and smooth finish and feel so soft and pleasant that they were also worn at night by 18th and 19th-century French ladies. Although we now know it is better to remove earrings at night, the French name dormeuses has survived. Sleep softly…
  • Silver Leaf

    Silver Leaf

    Silver Leaf, hand-cast glass crystals with inlaid silver leaf. The subtle glistening from the multiple layers of glass crystal lends the stone a special glow. The Silver Leaf crystals slip seamlessly into the Camps & Camps collection: the stones require artisanal and skilful crafting. They are stylish and subtle, with a big effect if you are on the lookout for something exceptional.
  • Galvanised


    Thanks to a specially developed, galvanised resin with a metal coating we can make large, yet feather-light jewellery with the sublime glisten of gold, silver or pink gold. It is an advanced and unique technology, allowing us to combine the rich appearance of real metal with the comfort of a delicate resin. Dazzling, luxurious and delicious to wear.

  • Aluminium


    As a playful and stylish addition to the basic materials, Camps & Camps opts for a beautiful-quality aluminium that gets its colour from an electrolytic process, a refined technology producing extremely nuanced shades of colour. Camps & Camps employs this feather-light and anti-allergic material in subtle ton-sur-ton tints for both its large and fine links. Beautiful to behold and a delight to wear.
  • 4 Platings

    4 Platings

    Camps & Camps uses four platings: Silver plating, soft gold plating, rosé gold plating and ruthenium. These subtle high-fashion platings are of a high quality and give the metal a sublime shine and making it more resistant to wear. The colour will wear off slowly when wearing the jewellery. Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray and body lotion.